GRAND PRIZE: 3-way art plaque featuring Kim Grove's Love Is ... characters still sealed in original packaging

The only thing more unromantic than describing your love for someone as "like WOW" is saying it to him or her through a pair of scary, naked, gender-neutral humanoids. But then I guess it's better than nothing at all. Good luck young lovers!


1. Hidden within a certain article is a link. It doesn't look like a normal link since it is not highlighted blue or underlined. It looks like normal black text.

2. The clue to finding the link is that it relates to the theme of the prize. The link for the Love Is ... plaque can be found in the ARTless section in an article by Dr. Jeff Geoff.

3. To find the link search throughout the aforementioned page. When you think you've found it, click on it and a new page will open in your browser telling you that you've found the hidden link.

4. Fill in your name, address and email in the page that appears, and you will be entered in the contest.

5. We will have a random drawing from all entries and announce the winner on the next contest page. Only one prize will be given each contest.


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